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Living with Sleep Disorders is an online patient support community that is powered by, a network of patient support communities for rare diseases. Our mission at Ben’s Friends is to ensure that patients living with rare diseases or chronic illnesses, as well as their caregivers, family, and friends, have a safe and supportive place to connect with others like them.

Sleep disorders encompass a range of conditions that disrupt the normal pattern of sleep. These disorders can have a significant impact on an individual’s overall health, safety, and quality of life. Sleep deprivation resulting from these disorders can impair driving ability and increase the risk of various health problems.

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of sleep disorders is crucial for diagnosis and treatment. Some common indicators include excessive daytime sleepiness, irregular breathing or increased movement during sleep, irregular sleep and wake cycles, and difficulty falling asleep.

Sleep disorders are categorized based on the underlying causes or their effects on sleep. They can be grouped according to behavioral patterns, disruptions in natural sleep-wake cycles, breathing difficulties during sleep, difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, or excessive daytime sleepiness.

Common sleep disorders include insomnia, sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome (RLS), and narcolepsy. Insomnia refers to difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep. Sleep apnea is characterized by abnormal breathing patterns during sleep, including obstructive, central, and complex types. Restless legs syndrome (RLS), also known as Willis-Ekbom disease, causes discomfort and an urge to move the legs when trying to sleep. Narcolepsy is a neurological condition characterized by excessive daytime sleepiness and sudden daytime sleep episodes.

Diagnosing sleep disorders involves various methods, and with an accurate diagnosis, most sleep disorders can be effectively treated by healthcare professionals. The treatment options depend on the specific disorder and may include lifestyle changes, medication, therapy, or a combination of these approaches.

Overall, recognizing the signs, seeking medical evaluation, and receiving appropriate treatment are crucial for managing sleep disorders and improving overall sleep quality and well-being.

Connect with others. Visit our Living with Sleep Disorders Patient Community. is a virtual peer-to-peer community intended to be a safe place for patients and family members as young as age 12, to visit for information, discussion, venting and mutual support. Members come from many backgrounds. Some have a strong religious faith, and others no faith; some are children and others adults, rich and poor, graduate educated or taught by life. Our common denominators are that we share a life journey, and we try to help each other.

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Our mission at Ben’s Friends is to ensure that patients living with rare diseases or chronic illnesses, as well as their caregivers, family, and friends, have a safe and supportive place to connect with others like them.

We’re interested in you as a person, and in your struggles as a rare disease patient.  But we don’t want to know your name or where you live. We won’t even allow you to use your real name when you register for one of our communities. Because when it comes to medical things, anonymity is important in our googly universe.  Your information is never shared, and your activity never tracked by adware.

When Ben’s Friends asks for the country and region you live in, that’s in case your fellow members can recommend local resources and help, and so everyone knows what kind of medical system there is where you live.  That’s important when it comes to giving and getting support. Because we are all about support, and we’re all in this together.. 

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